Benny V & DJ Uniques Feat. Raggo Zulu Rebel - Rice n Peas

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Benny V is one hardworking chap. He's one of those 'behind the scenes' guys that should really be under the spotlight a bit more but hey, a lot more people know who he is now than 5 years ago so that's something.

Teaming up with DJ Uniques and vocalist Ragoo Zulu Rebel for this alternative track 'Rice n Peas'. A tune that would certainly be at home blasting over the speakerbox at The Balldog or any other coffee shop for that matter. It's not a drum and bass banger in the slightest, that's been left for one of the originators of jump up, the legendary Aphrodite.

If you have yet to experience the Aphrodite sound then this remix is certainly a fine introduction into what this man can cook up. Trademark snare rolls and huge bass notes make this version of 'Rice n Peas' nothing short of dangerous to the dancefloor. Dance Concept chose wisely with this remix, cracking stuff.

Newcomers to the scene or anyone remotely interested in how jump up managed to dominate the industry at times should really pay attention to Aphrodite, especially his previous work.

Is the original for everyone? Probably not but it's a nice break from the standard 175 affair that fills your inbox on a daily basis. Maybe this is the way forward in terms of variety? A welcome addition to your collection for either the original, remix of both.


Release date: 07th February 2020

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