Benny Page, Sublow Hz & Zero G Feat. Doktor - Top General

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Dub Shotta has had a serious year and this latest smasher ‘Top General’ featuring Benny Page, Sublow Hz and Doktor is set to certify the labels status as one of the top upfront jungle brands in the business. You already know Doktor and his instantly recognisable vocals, he’s been on a ton of hits over the years; his biggest alongside DJ Phantasy with ‘Junglist’ and ‘Warm Dem’ with none other than label front man Benny Page.

This latest release is set to storm the download charts once again with its brash, militant intro leading up to licks of destructive sublow bass, courtesy of Benny Page and Sublow Hz. It’s bouncy, four to the floor flow combined with ragga infused vocals will no doubt appeal to anyone with a lighter, burner or spare can of Lynx deodorant. Whatever you can do to cause a flame, now is the time to be proud, puff out your chest and stick a hand in the air!

‘Top General’ oozes longevity and promises to stay at the top of your crates for months to come. If anyone’s going to bring back the lighter vibe, Dub Shotta’s going to try it’s damn hardest to.

Artists: Benny Page & Sublow Hz

Vocals: Doktor

Release Date: Out Now!

Catalogue Number: SHOTTA026

Label: Dub Shotta

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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