Benny Page - Shimmy EP

Who doesn’t love Benny Page? This guy really has had a great year and his unique sound will always brighten up any dancefloor, no matter the size. You can have a house party on your own and still bring the ceiling down so you should know what to expect here..

Benny certainly puts his own style and flavour to an original soul classic that could potentially be one of the feel good anthems of 2019. It’s infectious party vibe will no doubt have your Nan shocking out and throwing her slippers across the machine polished floor. ‘Shimmy’ could easily be dropped into any set, under any circumstances.

The original ‘Warn Dem’ was a big upfront jungle anthem in the first quarter of the year and this VIP takes elements of this, smacks it upside the head and slips in a bonkers riff that comes totally out of the blue. It’s stripped back breakfits compliments Doktors original lyrics perfectly, ready for war.

‘Love it Like That’ combines some really cheeky drum fills, another unique synth riff and plenty of authentic vocals to please every upfront junglist in the place.

Wrapping up the EP alongside Daddy Freddy with ‘Perdominment’. An excellent demonstration of powerful and passionate vocals alongside Benny’s trademark lead riffs and superior production techniques. It’s one to slide in when it’s least expected. Sneaky business.

Artists: Benny Page, Doktor, Daddy Freddy

Remix Credits: Benny Page

Release Date: 18th October 2019

Label: Jungle Cakes

Catalogue Number: JC094

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

#BennyPage | #JungleCakes