Beat Assassins - Gunman

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The one man army that is Beat Assassins continues his long term residency with the Gorilla Warfare brand, this time around offering up a single sided release in the form of ‘Gunman’.

Mysterious pads and filtered out breaks intertwine with ragga infused vocals you have no doubt come to expect from the Jungle Cakes offshoot. Enter into the drop and it’s an abundance of mash up beats and rumbling low end combined with a driving tonal bassline.

A refreshing start to 2021 and one for all die hard junglists, supporters of the cause and everyone in between. Big up Beat Assassins on this one, more to come.

Weed: check. Gal dem: check..Gunman!

Artist: Beat Assassins

Release Date: 05th February 2021

Label: Gorilla Warfare

Catalogue Number: GW018

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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