Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dope Ammo & DJ Hybrid Remix)

The original, released in 1992 was no doubt a game changer for underground hardcore music. Supported by pretty much every single DJ on the planet and dropped countless times during the same night, it was no doubt THE anthem of the era. Re-released in 1994 (with a bonus Ray Keith remix) and hitting the top spot in the UK singles chart, it was certain that big things were to come for Bady D and their track ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’.

It’s one of those tunes that regardless of where it’s dropped, everyone knows the lyrics and its infectious piano hook. Hands in the air, whistles, horns, even your mobile phone in the sky with the torch on - whatever works to pay tribute.

(Timestamp for audio 1:06:37)

Dope Ammo and DJ Hybrid have joined forces to produce an absolute monster of a tribute to the original which thankfully includes many parts of what made the 1992 classic so important. No doubt their combined roots and experience in the scene made producing this remix pretty effortless, it’s certainly one to do justice to the original in every sense.

Supported by Danny Byrd and bad man René LaVice on their Radio 1 shows plus an extensive rosta of A list DJs, it’s evident that this tune is simply going to slide into your playlist and take control.

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Artist: Baby D

Remix: Dope Ammo & DJ Hybrid

Release Date: 25th September 2020

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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