Aries & Nicky Blackmarket - Money Fire

The Kartoons release express shows no signs of stopping with these wicked tracks stocking the digital music shelves in the very near future. All aboard the jungle train!

Release 6 brings forth another wicked link up in the form of Aries, Nicky Blackmarket and the legendary dancehall vocalist Cheshire Cat who laces his vocals on the kung fu influenced ‘Monkey Fire’. Straight to the point with no messing around, it’s a track that leads to further discovery the more you play it. Beats for the dancefloor, twisted Amen breaks and mind-bending warping basslines aplenty.

‘The Journey’ is pretty self explanatory and if you know, then you know. Drums, drum and more drums from that vintage mid 90’s era are bound to ring home to plenty of original raving veterans and when that gritty, rolling bassline hits it’s almost as if you can feel the bottled up atmosphere flowing out of your speakers. A tough, simplistic tune that doesn’t need stacks and stacks of channel strips, what this does need though is a vinyl release..

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