Joker Records Mix Series

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Joker Records originated in the middle of the jungle explosion of the mid 90’s and continued to lead its own way of dance floor orientated beats for many years. Although the label didn’t reach the status of labels such as RAM, Urban Takeover and Philly Blunt it was still considered to be an incredibly important part of the early drum and bass scene.

Much of the output from the label received relatively low DJ support from the scenes biggest players, although ‘At The Time’ by The Riddler was championed by Nicky Blackmarket and Kenny Ken for a short period.

Many tracks signed to Joker Records used unlicensed samples from popular US hip hop records such as Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and Busta Rhymes’s ‘Bus-A-Bus’. A sample from the main theme to Star Wars was cleverly reworked for the collaboration with Surburban Base Records under the title ‘Star Warz’. This was a favourite intro tune for Ellis D for what seemed like an eternity in 1997.

Back in the year 2000 Jamie started putting together a collection of his favourite labels, Joker Records being the first to receive the DJ mix treatment.

What next?

Years later and to finish the playlist he’s not only put together the third in the mix installment but also a video of the mix being records in real time. All on vinyl in one take.

If you love that raw mid 90’s jump up sound then why not check out all three parts below via SoundCloud.



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