Accelerated Culture Drum & Bass Awards 2003 - The People's Choice

Recording live at the legendary Sanctuary Music Arena. This event from memory was bloody boiling and very well supported. Huge sets from all of the top DJs at the time and a great insight into 2003 jump up which to some, is still very underrated. It was certainly quite a 'love it or hate it' era of drum and bass that's for sure!

Some interesting positions on the winners from that year. Here's a sample of the results.

Best Crowd Hype MC

1. Fearless

2. Skibadee

3. Shabba

4. IC3

5. Dett

6. GQ

7. Eksman

8. Dynamite

9. Foxy

10. Bassman

Best Producer

1. Twisted Individual

2. Dillinja

3. Fresh

4. Andy C

5. Zinc

Best Record Label

1 RAM Recordings

2. Formation Records

3. True Playaz

4. Full Cycle

5. Charge Recordings

6. Renegade Hardware

7. Hospital Records

8. Valve

9. Virus

10. Soul:R

So much to listen to! The playlist is in order of 'Best DJ' category with Andy C obviously winning the title.

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