A Trip Into 1993

In 2017, the first 'Trip Into' was released via the Section 23 SoundCloud. This hour long episode focused on the diversity and development in underground music throughout the 90's and featured classics from DJ SY, Roni Size, Congress, Q-Bass, Jumping Jack Frost and more.

To take the idea one step further, we start in 1993 with a bunch of wicked tunes (and a few DJ sets) from many of the original artists who helped develop the hardcore scene and push their unique ideas forwards. Hosted by Jamie from Section 23.

A Trip Into 1993

Track Listing

1. DJ Unity - Free | Buy

2. Ramos & Supreme - The Journey | Buy

3. Undercover Elephant - Commence with the B-Line | Buy

4. Double H. Productions - How Dark It Is | Buy

5. C. Biz (DJ Connie & Bizzy B) - Crowd Says Rewind (Remix) | Buy

6. Rat Pack DJ set from Dance Paradise - The Ultimate Dance Experience - Volume 1

7. The Untouchables - Don't Be Afraid (Roachman Mix) | Buy

8. Spinback & Windmill - In Effect | Buy

8. Hyper on Experience - Lord of the Null Lines* | Buy

9. Dougal Feat. MC Conrad DJ set from Dreamscape 06

10. DJ Lewi - Heat (Mix 2) | Buy

* swearing reversed due to radio broadcast


Rat Pack Full Set

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